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What's the process like?

Easy-breezy. We take care of your technology from A to Z, so you can focus on actually running your store.

Step 1. Strategy consultation

With this kickoff conversation, we get a great idea of your business’s unique goals, needs, and challenges. Completely free, zero commitment.

Step 2. Solution design

Side by side, you and us define the best mix of cloud software and operations improvements that’ll make your shop or restaurant run like clockwork.

Step 3. Implementation

Systems are go! Our certified technicians configure your hardware, software, and integrate all your data flawlessly within the software and integrations.

Step 4. Training

Time for your most precious resource – your people. We teach your frontline and back-office staff how to use the systems and maximize their impact.

Steps 2-4 are covered under the Cloudscape Retail Success Kit and the Cloudscape Restaurant Success Kit.

Step 5. Support

Instead of calling a million different suppliers, you can contract Cloudscape as your go-to partner for troubleshooting, training and scaling. Discover annual support and growth plans in the Cloudscape Care Package.