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Unleashed Inventory Control Solutions

Real-time stock management, stock control and transaction reporting, allowing you to make solid business decisions quickly


Unleashed is inventory software made simple.

Unleashed software consultant Dubai

Maximise control over your stock by viewing the current status of all business locations in real time, anywhere in the world. Manage purchasing and costing of products, from component parts to assembly and delivery, enabling you to accurately predict actual costs and margins. Manage supplier orders, returns and more through one simple interface that integrates seamlessly with your accounting.

Cloudscape Technologies is one of the first Unleashed implementation partners in the Middle East, with expertise not only in Unleashed, but also with integration into other cloud tools across POS, Accounting and E-Commerce  to help you leverage your investment in IT.

How Unleashed can help you

Manage suppliers and purchases with ease

  • Generate purchase orders automatically based on minimum stock levels - perfect for Just-In-Time (JIT) on-demand stocking.
  • Include freight, customs and any other costs - even in multiple currencies.
  • Easily handle stock returns, part returns, and supplier credit.
  • Keep track of your suppliers, their delivery history, and apply supplier price changes directly or in bulk.

Powerful inventory management

  • Manage your product catalogue, including attributes such as weight, bar codes, images, and min/max stock levels.
  • Access real-time stock levels, costs, batch tracking, serial numbers and even stock expiry dates for perishable goods.
  • Pinpoint stock locations and levels across multiple warehouses in multiple countries, and transfer stock with ease.

Accurate and flexible sales management tools

  • Automatically calculate accurate costs of your products in real time, giving you a realistic view of product margins and profit.
  • In addition to invoicing and processing orders, you can create backorders, split shipments or assign multiple invoices per sales order.
  • Manage your customers in one place, and assign tiered or discounted pricing for certain customer groups.

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Cloudscape Technologies is an Certified Unleashed Implementation Partner.

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